Sunday, 7 November 2010


A misleading title, as we didn't do it. We were both unwell, and decided on the Thursday before the race (we would have been setting off on the Friday) that a night on Dartmoor was not on the cards. A shame as we were both looking forward to it (plus, Ali bought kit specially). Next year.

Am now fully recovered, but with a marathon next weekend have been taking it easy.  A few runs in the week, a brisk hour on Cleeve Hill yesterday, and for the first time in a long time, a couple of hours on the road bike today (making it probably a whole, oh, 150 miles on that bike this year).  It was great though. I had forgotten how light it was, and fast and how much I enjoy descending on road (so much less lumpy and rocky than on a mountain bike).

At this time of year I suddenly find it hard to motivate myself to get outside.  I think its the cold and dampness. I like summer, obviously, and September and October as the seasons change are nice. And I love winter, and spring is fun as you know the warm weather is coming. But November. Cold, damp, the evenings are suddenly dark and I'm not skiing yet.  The TV and the pub call strongly.

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