Monday, 25 October 2010

Rest & the ski show

Post the Mud Runner I actually felt quite sprightly last week.  Having decided to do more speed work to get a bit quicker I headed out on Wednesday lunchtime for a flat, fast run. 6 miles in 40 mins, with a bit of time lost stopping to read the route map was a pleasant enough way to spend a lunchtime, with plenty of room to get a bit quicker.

The rest of the week was just running to and from work (a total of seven miles each way). Thursday night a trail run with a head torch was ditched in favour of the pub. Saturday I did one of our regular hill routes along the Cotswold Way, and then we headed back to London for the rest of the weekend. A party on a boat on Saturday night ensured Sunday would be a lazy one.

And indeed it was. We went to the Ski show.  The ski show always makes it seem like the ski season is nearly here, and this year was no exception. All the new kit, and the resorts advertising on their stands (the Chamonix Pavilion was a favourite) make the fresh snow that will soon be coating the Alps almost tangible.  I resisted an expensive jacket this year, but did get a Cool Board. It is fun, and a lot tougher to master than the wobble ball I had.  I look forward to mastering it, though the suggested squats while balancing are a way off yet!  The other highlight of the ski show was the *cough* fashion show.  It was better than it sounds! A very professional, exceptionally well choreographed, dance show.  It was very entertaining.  They didn't get on Cool Boards though.

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