Monday, 22 November 2010


Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Limping is more accurate. I have a sore left knee which I am attributing to my over tight quads.  Last week was quite focussed on rest with beer featuring highly. I headed out on Saturday for a brisk hour to clear my head and the knee was fine.  Wandering round town on Saturday afternoon it got very sore, and I was limping around on Sunday.

I woke up this morning, knee much better and promptly ran to work. Not bright. I got a medevac home (I called Ali and asked for a lift). Is now pretty tender. I have had knee twinges before from the result of my quads getting too tight (generally when doing a lot of cycling). I suspect the hill running and squats have tightened them up considerably - I tried the traditional quad stretch.  My heel gets nowhere near my arse.  I need to remember to stretch all muscle groups a bit more - I had tight hamstrings and focussed on that, then calf muscles so did calf stretches. Ho hum. Lesson learned, at least until the next time.

Aside from unfocussed shopping and drinking, the main activity of the weekend was Cool Boarding. Getting quite handy now.  I can now do squats, peel and eat a tangerine and erm stand at one end on the ball with the board out in front of me.

Ok not youtube-able but a start. It is a great piece of kit.

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