Tuesday, 26 April 2011

First post of 2011

Hum, well it's been a while since I blogged. Apologies to my doubtless legions of readers. So what have I been up to I hear you ask? When I last posted I was still hobbling. I have subsequently had many massages (ITB release is very painful), done a lot of yoga and various exercises to support the knee and ITB. The upshot is I am more or less pain free, aside from the odd twinge in my right knee which still has a bit of inflammation after long runs.

The winter was good. Four weeks skiing (over three trips), cut short from five for various reasons but in the end a good decision due to the poor season in the Alps. On our last trip we spent four days touring with Hannah Burrows Smith. It was a great few days. Our first experience of staying in mountain huts and we both really enjoyed it. After a day on the Argentiere glacier we headed to Arolla in Switzerland, and from there up to the hut. There was an exciting ladder en route to the hut.

The next day we skinned up Mont Blanc de Cheilon. It was a fab day, and for the most part we had the mountain to ourselves. The following day we headed over the Pigne d'Arolla, which is on the Haute Route. There were one or two other people around.

It was a great trip, with the camper van coming into its own - you can't beat a fresh cup of tea and a nice sit down after a long day skiing. There a whole bunch of my pictures here.

As for running, so far this year I have done the Forest of Dean half, in a not very spectacular 1:33. Was happy enough though, as had a friend staying that weekend and the night before had been somewhat less than ideal preparation. Next event is the Edurancelife running festival. I qualified for the marathon, but am planning on doing the ultra instead (provided I can switch) as am feeling reasonably perky. Then it's the 75km Torq Rough Ride with some friends, and then in June the Marathon du Mont Blanc, which I am very much looking forward to.

Training has been going pretty well. The year started consistently, but at the end of Feb I got a heavy cold which mutated into a sinus infection and in the end needed antibiotics to clear it. That caused four weeks of patchy exercise, though I did manage to get out a bit. Since skiing I have managed to get some decent solid hilly miles in, making the most of the Easter weekend and the sunshine culminating in a tough 18 miles yesterday. I was delighted this morning when my run to work was brisk and felt good, though I feel pretty tired this evening. It's these last two weekends which convinced me to try the ultra in a couple of weeks. I reckon I'm good for thirty odd miles if I pace it properly!