Saturday, 11 December 2010

Long time no post

No posting for a while largely as I have done nothing of note. We were supposed to be doing another Endurance Life CTS event last weekend. Mid week both knees were still tender, and I had decided to do the half anyway. By the weekend, with new ice age sweeping the country, and me still hobbling down hill, I came to the conclusion I really should pass on the race. So, somewhat reluctantly we bailed.

The knee problem appears to be a combination of itb and quad tightness. Stretching and the foam roller seem to be helping. Since they pain started I have done a few short runs, and up to about 45 mins to an hour is ok with no pain. A cold this week kiboshed even that, so I have a good period of minimal exercise which should hopefully have set me on course to heal properly. It's moot now from the running perspective as on Sunday (tomorrow! yay!) we are off for a week in Val D'isere. Very excited.  We're doing a Snoworks off piste course. Have spent the afternoon digging out the ski gear. Unusually we're flying (we got the course as part of a Mark Warner package), whereas we usually drive. This means I have to think about what I want to take rather than just throwing all the kit I own in the back of the car.

I'm not taking the board on this trip as I can't face carrying that and a pair of skis through an airport. But I do want to hire one, so taking my boots.  Once I had put my ski and board boots both in the case it was pretty much full. It really is so much easier with the car.

I got there in the end. All packed and ready now. An 0515 start tomorrow for the drive to Birmingham Airport.  Am fitter than I have been for a while on the approach to the ski season, and also have been putting in a lot of time on the Cool Board (I can get up on it now without holding on to anything, which is pretty much as good as the people in the promotional youtube videos). Between fitness and balance I am hoping I transformed into some sort of ultimate mountain man We'll see.

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mlk said...

I have a similar thing to the cool board - but only in one degree of motion. It's a board on top of a roller instead of a ball.

The coolest thing I ever did on it was jump up, spin the board in a 180 and then land. Despite landing this trick once out of the 3000 times I've tried it, I still brag about it.