Saturday, 16 October 2010


First long run today since the ultra. Two and a half pleasant hours in the Cotswolds.  Is remarkable how much the seasons change the experience.  What was green, leafy farm land now feels bleaker and the paths are quieter.

It was a good run and I tried out my new piece of kit. Another rucksack. Really you can't have too many. This fills the gap between my OMM 15l and no rucksack at all (clearly a gap that needed filling). First impressions are good.

So, races.  The Mudrunner tomorrow (not too sure about this to be honest, but a colleague at work was doing it and it sounded like a good idea at the time).  Then the OMM in two weeks, which should be good, and having the camper for the first night will be nice.  Then I'm doing three of the Endurance Life CTS marathons (Gower, Portland and Pembrokeshire), slotted around assorted skiing trips.  That should ensure a nice base of endurance over the winter, with the aim of doing a good time at the Chamonix Marathon next summer.

To prepare for all this I am currently having a beer and watching the Simpsons. Nice.

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