Saturday, 21 May 2011


I was delighted this week to realise my 6th place in the recent ultra won me some money, as I was third male. 20 whole pounds cash*! Woot! I shall be the Endurance Life spending it as soon as I have decided what event to do next.

A busy week but managed some running. The hill out the back of the Farringdon Travelodge proved useful for hills reps. Having half an hour free early in the morning on Thursday I decided to see how many times I could run up and down it. Turns out, 12. The day before I had a pleasant trot through the city, checking out some old haunts. Quite a lot of new buildings, but good to see one of the worlds greatest cafes is still going - the Peoples Choice.

Today I tried a new run route. Out through Shurdington, up on to Crickley Hill, then along the Cotswold Way to Leckhampton Hill, and then Cleeve hill and home. 30km with nearly 900m of ascent, in three hours. Was quite pleased with the 10km average speed over that terrain.

A recovery baguette with four 'not bacon' strips and two fried eggs perked me up at the end, as did a trip to Go Outdoors. I love that place. The one in Gloucester is big! It's like a playground. I came back with a Osprey Raptor pack, a 10 litre water container (which means we can now have running water in the van - tested and it works!) and a Power bar (which I had eaten before I crossed the car park.

In other news - no rapture. Probably for the best, I've got stuff to do tomorrow.

* Not actual cash.

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