Sunday, 15 May 2011


It's been a lazy weekend. I thought I'd recovered pretty well from the Ultra. I ran on Tuesday and felt sprightly enough (and indeed had to run very quickly home from work to get to yoga), and again on Thursday though legs were feeling less sprightly.

However it seemed to have caught up with me by Friday. I was pretty shattered and after a massage my legs really felt heavy. I had planned a couple of hours running on Saturday, and biking on Sunday. Saturday dawned, and I still felt shattered. So, it became an easy day with a pleasant afternoon snooze followed by 'Moon' on BluRay (a great film). I was going to do a local British Heart Foundation on Sunday (today) with a friend, but he was unable to borrow a road bike (and quite reasonably didn't fancy it on a 'all mountain' mtb). Without that as a motivator I slept late and mooched around the house.

I have however indulged in some retail therapy. Some jeans and other clothes, and today, after umming and aahing for a year, I finally took the plunge. I am now the proud owner of a very snazzy looking Cube AMS Comp. But it's raining. And I don't want to get it dirty. So the Simpsons will do for now. Afan next weekend will be a good first ride.

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